Another day, another manicure. 

Call me obsessive, I don’t mind.

When I get started on something, I lose hours of sleep staying up late to work on whatever it is. A mansion I’m building in Minecraft, a short story for my blog, any blog post for that matter, work, Two Dots, Fruit Ninja, making cakes. You name it. But when I get into it, nothing – even exhaustion – can discourage me.

My newest hobby is nails. That’s right, painting my fingernails. Tiana, a sometimes tomboy who would rather live in yoga pants and t-shirts than dresses. Or even jeans. Jeans seem a little too dressy some days.

Here’s the thing: life is busy and hectic and crazy. But I don’t always have to be “on”.

So when I started feeling really stressed from a huge 6 month project at work (+2 more months to go), I found something to do that relaxes me. I like art, I treat my nails like crap, I am a perfectionist. Clearly, nail art was my destiny.

And everyone, except my husband, has benefitted. My niece (she’s 6), my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. You get a manicure, you get a manicure, EVERYONE gets a manicure.

So here are a few of my rookie designs. Credit to Pinterest and Essie for outright designs or just inspiration.

So next time, if I’m slow answering your text, it’s probably because I’m doing my nails for the 5th time that week.



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