A little optimism

A few weeks ago I was feeling really down.  I wrote about the pain I was feeling, and got quite a few readers.  I guess people like pain; it’s something everyone has in common.  For me, sharing is very cathartic, regardless of if anyone reads it.  It’s not actually about them.

This week, I’m feeling a lot better.  Optimistic even.  Now don’t get too excited, I’m not bursting at the seams with hope that we’ll magically fall pregnant.  No, instead I’m just not beating myself up, and not casting infinite doubt on the possibility of ever being a parent.  For me, that is optimistic.

Celebrating our 5th anniversary this weekend, I was reminded how fortunate I am.  Actually, I don’t have to look far any day to be reminded; some days I just fail to see what’s in front of me.  Every time my husband drives me to work, picks me up a coffee, takes the dogs out so I can sleep another hour.  But the point is we had a wonderful weekend, ate way too much food, and really reconnected.

The previous weekend we went camping in West Glacier, MT to start our anniversary week.  This is an annual trip for us, and we look forward to it all year.  Spending way to much money at Target (there are SO MANY things to buy), going to the gun range (so much cheaper than in Canada), putting the puppies in day care, eating at Famous Dave’s (OMG why don’t we open a franchise).  Our life is full of moments that we appreciate even more when we’re removed from the internet.  It was a little frustrating trying to post our Daily Prompt blogs with 2 bars of 3G though!

The trip was followed with a whole week of gifts from my husband.  One for each year we’ve been married.  How spoiled!

As we always do, we celebrated our actual anniversary at Mercato, an italian restaurant in Mission.  We ordered and ate way too much, and had an amazing time.  I’m feeling reenergized and healthy.  Well-rested and excited for the week.  Ok – mainly I’m excited for the week because it’s the Calgary Stampede, and I get to wear jeans to work all week.

I’m glad I opened my eyes to what is around me, and got out of my sad bubble.  Things aren’t perfect, but they never will be.  It’s easy to focus on everything that’s wrong, but so much more rewarding to focus on what is amazing.



3 thoughts on “A little optimism

    1. It’s up and down, like everything. I still badly want a family (that’s an understatement) but realizing that living miserable now doesn’t make it any more likely. I’m surrounded by incredible people who help me see the good in every day. It’s a skill I’m happy to have learned. Thank you for the comment ❤

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