The simple things

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the little things. Bills, work, making time to plan meals.  When you’re a kid you think grown ups have it all figured out. It seems like they get to do whatever they want.  

But then when you’re a grown up, you realize that not only do grown ups have NO IDEA what they are doing, most of what they do is essential and not even remotely fun. It’s such a letdown.

Sitting around the campfire tonight in West Glacier, listening to the cracking and watching the flames, I can’t help but realize not only how fortunate we are, but how important this annual trip is to our family.

Sure, we spend too much money on new camping gear we don’t actually need. And we spend hours at Target stocking up on stuff you can’t get in Canada.  Who doesn’t need 5 cases each of every flavor of Mountain Dew and Cherry cola?  And that new nail polish color?  Obviously it was essential!

Kaia has assumed her usual position, laying on the edge of the tent beside where her crate sits inside. Bella, curled up on my lap by the fire. And Akoa, who is on her first camping trip, is now laying with her head on my foot.

Our dogs have settled into camping life beautifully. And although we’re only here for 3 days, it is a trip I look forward to all year. Life is simpler out here. There’s almost no wifi. Most of the time I can’t even get 3G on my phone. It’s a strange kind of relaxation that only comes when you truly disconnect from stress. To do that, you have to disconnect from reality a little. But here I am, sitting by the fire with my little family. Appreciating all the things that make our life special.

It’s not the things, even though I love purses and Starbucks. It’s these cheesy little Hallmark moments that are what makes this life truly worthwhile. And I kinda like happily ever afters, so this is kinda my thing.


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