So I’ve decided to write a book. 


In fact, I’ve got a couple of ideas on the go.

Book #1, which is actively underway, is a business/professional thought-leadership book. Right now, it has a fairly narrow target group, but the feedback I’ve gotten from that group is that it would be very helpful.

Book #2 on the other hand, started as a joke. As I was brainstorming the chapters for Book #1 I thought about how easily it could turn into a Self-Help book for under-appreciated office staff. An inside look at what it’s like in the trenches. Funny right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Book #2 won’t really end up being a book, but I haven’t ruled out making it a blog series! Or creating a “based on real events” saga. Saga makes it sound really juicy. I’ll have to make up most of the details, but who cares. Everyone loves when stories are loosely based on something that might have actually happened. Loose is the key word here, or it ends up reading like this:

The morning started off all wrong. The alarm went off, but she hit snooze again, forgetting about her 9am meeting. Grinding just the right amount of her remaining Starbucks Christmas Espresso blend, Tiana grabbed the milk from the fridge. Wait, it looked a little yellow. Sniff. Gag. She poured out the jug and was overwhelmingly grateful they had picked up a fresh one last night. 

She pressed the ground espresso into the disc and locked it into place. 7:05. Running late. The machine sputtered and sprayed everywhere. Too much pressure. She wiped up the mess, dumped the wet grounds into the sink and started again. 

Tiana poured the fresh shots into her travel mug and they swirled with the creamy white milk. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Hopefully it’s drinkable, but if not, it’s too early to notice. 

The traffic was fairly light, considering how late she left, which was fantastic considering how exhausted she was. Her body still hadn’t forgiven her for pulling an all-nighter last week, even though she slept for all but 8 hours on Saturday. To prevent sleep-driving, she plugged in her iPhone and turned up her Driving playlist. Very original. Classic Tiana. Whistle, by Flo-Rida blared on the Jetta’s “stereo” (radio with USB input). She smiled, remembering the first time she heard the song blasting out of the Bruin’s dressing room at Max Bell. 

It was a little too early for that, so Tiana skipped forward and settled on something from Gloriana. That’s more morning-appropriate. 

After paying for parking using the mobile app (which is really easy to forget to do!) Tiana caught the elevator up to the 20th floor. Once her computer was turned on she texted an urgent message to her best friend Brandi. 

C. O. F. F. E. E 

That was key for “hurry the hell up, this is an emergency.” Luckily Brandi was early to work, and they left almost immediately for the walk to Bankers Hall, the best Starbucks in the Core. But something wasn’t right. Brandi had forgotten her key card, so they grabbed Tiana’s. 

“I’m not sure I can handle this.” Tiana joked. 

They ordered the usual, and returned to the office. After pressing 20, Tiana looked over at Brandi, and then down at the floor, embarrassed. She pressed Main Floor. 

“I think I left my card at Starbucks.”

“You really are losing it.”


They stepped out of the elevator and coffee dripped down Tiana’s hand. The lid must not have been on right, because the very next sip poured on her shirt. She sighed. Thank god she was wearing black. It was gonna be that kind of day. 

Now I see why they only loosely base movies on real events. Could you imagine reading 400 pages of my daily life? I’m sure you’ve actually already stopped reading and now I’m just talking to myself. I’m used to that.
But in all seriousness, I am actually writing a book. I am initially going to target my specific industry. That’s where I’ve had a ton of success presenting. In fact, because I’ve had so much success, I plan on using that same structure as the backbone for my work.

With that in mind, I’ll probably be blogging a little more often than I have in the past. After all, I have to keep the creative juices flowing, and practice the shortcut key for the Thesaurus on my iPhone, iPad and Mac(s). I am reminded of the number of times I read the word Ominous in the Twilight books. (Team Edward all the way). I remember feeling like her editor should have given her a reference book with lists of other words. But, I still admit I read the whole series. Then watched the movies. Twice.

I’m going to bed now, before I die of embarrassment from my previous statement.


4 thoughts on “So I’ve decided to write a book. 

  1. Hi, Tiana!

    I love your ideas and am if full support. I’m also working on a fiction novel and would love to earn an income freelance writing. I’m still learning myself, but if you ever need a sounding board or someone who can give honest feedback from a reader (and writers) perspective let me know!

      1. As the above-mentioned MIL, my best advice would be to find a patron.

        Seriously though, it’s a tough way to make a living. But if it’s your passion, it can also be rewarding and fascinating. Not the story about the commercial grease traps though. *Dee shudders as she remembers it*

        Tiana, your daily life sounds so much more eventful than mine. Also, come to think of it, more compelling than many stories I’ve read. 😉

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