Tackling the Gratitude Challenge

I found myself intrigued when a message from HR landed in my inbox.

It’s Healthy Workplace month (apparently), and we are hosting a month long Gratitude Challenge. Normally I don’t participate in these office-wide staff events, because they usually require me to attend things outside office hours.  Honestly, by the time the end of the day comes, I just want to go home.

The challenge consists of 4 topics:

Being grateful for what you have

Being grateful for everything around you

Being grateful for who you are

Being grateful for what is ahead of you

In addition to the Gratitude Challenge, I am participating in another work challenge, the Healthy Living challenge.  I’ve chosen to focus on 3 things that I’d like to do more.  Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and going for walks after work with the dogs.  No big deal right? Except when I have to work late, or my favourite show is on TV, or soda tastes better, or when it rains, or snows, or is windy, or too cold.  You get the picture – I’m very good at excuses.

In order to be ACCOUNTABLE, I’m putting my goals out there.

Drink at least 1 Nalgene bottle of water each day

Go to bed before 10pm on weeknights

Take the dogs for a walk after work at least 4 times each week

These aren’t particularly difficult, but they are small changes that make me feel better overall.  I will be tracking them using Habit List on my iPhone, since there are prizes up for grabs!  I only have to track 1 item for work, but I’m going to hold myself to 3 anyway.  

Back to the Gratitude part

Recently I was flying back from Washington, D.C. where I was presenting at a conference for work.  I was a little down because I was really feeling stressed about the whole fertility thing.  After all, this new doctor has us both taking a handful of monster size pills each day, and I can’t help but think it’s a lot of money going down the drain.  No amount of fish oil will cure what’s wrong with me.

But then for no reason, I started thinking about how much I DO have in my life.  Sure, I don’t have everything I want, and there is a still a huge hole.  But I have an amazing husband, the coolest dogs, a beautiful home (both house, and atmosphere), a handful of close friends, an exciting career…

I was sitting there, crammed on a United flight beside a guy who was crowded inside my bubble, thinking about how great most of my life is.  I might not have everything I want (yet), but I really do have a lot to be grateful for.

So I rushed through customs to get out to my husband, who had been waiting for me all day.  I saw him and walked towards him, smiling.  Then I motioned for the door and said “Let’s go”.  I was tired of being in an airport/airplane.

That’s right, no hug, no kiss.  Needless to say, I’m on the shit list.  #wifefail

No one’s perfect, right?

Next Up: Gratitude Challenge, Day 2

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