I’m not a huge fan of politics.  I don’t read about politics, or typically get too involved.  However, seeing my “Alberta Advantage” crumble, my hard earned money spent under Redford and now Prentice in irresponsible and unapproved ways, and my province having no plan – not one that I believe anyway – for the future, makes me cringe.

I don’t have an opinion on who you should vote for, other than #anyonebutPC.  In the 15 years that I’ve lived in Alberta, very few good things have come out of our government.  We had booming years, and didn’t put a dime aside.  Somehow we managed to halt all returns on the Heritage Fund by making constant withdrawals. Maybe my math is bad, but from what I can find, the value of our trust fund in 1987 was $12.7 billion.  Between 1977 and 2011 the net income of the trust fund was $31.3 billion and in that same time period the government cashed out $29.6 billion.  Today, according to the Alberta Finance website, the value of the fund in the 3rd quarter of the 2014-2015 fiscal year is $17.2 billion.

So, by simple math, in 28 years, the fund has only increased by a net value of $4.5 billion.  My high interest e-savings account at RBC would most likely yield a better rate of return in 28 years if I just left the money alone. If I put some money into the account it would grow even more quickly.  The PC government neither left the money alone, nor added to it.  Thanks for that.

By even more simple logic, Jim Prentice is now telling me I have to pay him MORE money, for the same or worse service in health care, education and infrastructure.  All the while he is buying new video conferencing TVs, spending my tax dollars on political TV spots, rebuilding a golf course for $10 million dollars and telling me I need to look in the mirror.  I have a few choice words for Mr. Prentice.  I don’t care if he’s a father, grandfather and husband.  He’s a pretentious, greedy, lying politician.  He wants me to look in the mirror, but I’m not the one with the PC Free-Money credit card in my pocket, spending with no consideration for the people whose money I’m so carelessly burning.  Jim, if you’re wondering why Albertans are looking at you now, it’s not because we like you, it’s because when we looked in the mirror we still couldn’t see the problem, so we kept searching until we did.

I’m not that well versed on matters of this May 5th vote that’s costing me and everyone else in this province $23.5 million.  There are 4.2 million people in Alberta as of July 2015.  If you’re doing the math, this election dug straight into your pocket a year early for $5.60.  Might not seem like much, but even $5.60 over 28 years in my high interest savings account would accumulate some interest.

I am trying to educate myself.  All I’m asking is that you do the same.  In your life your political views may change.  At one point you may favour low taxes with minimal focus on social issues, but later in life be comfortable with an increased tax knowing it will provide service that you anticipate needing.  You may be very environmentally savvy and find value in a party that supports green alternatives.  Maybe you are a hard working parent working 2 jobs to support your kids and pay rent in a city known for being fairly overpriced.  Then maybe you are most interested in a party who is going to provide much needed support programs that help ease the burden.  Or, maybe you’re a strong believer than human rights are where you want to put your support.

Whatever your place in life, don’t define yourself by Red or Blue, Liberal or Conservative.  Define yourself by your values and then find a party that meets as many criteria as possible.  Don’t be afraid to vote for a different party at every election.  Remember, your views change, your priorities change.  No party is going to represent your best interests forever.

I haven’t decided who that is for me yet, my vote is still up for grabs. For anyone by Jim Prentice.


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