People find us entertaining. I don’t blame them.

It’s no secret that my husband and I have a great marriage.  My husband has a chalk board where every day I don’t smother him with a pillow he adds a tick like someone tracking their days on a deserted island.  It’s starting to get pretty full after 3 years of marriage, so he’s starting to worry his date with the pillow is near.

Sometimes he drives me crazy enough that I lightheartedly complain to my friend.  But as my friend regularly says “he may be annoying, but he’s your annoying monkey and you love him”.  And it’s true.  He may get on my nerves sometimes, but he is my best friend.  And I would never smother him with a pillow.  I’ll come up with a much more creative and untraceable way when I’ve had enough.  (In case it isn’t clear, I am just kidding).

To an outsider it might seem like we are really mean to each other, but to anyone who knows us it’s just playful banter.  For example, one day we were shopping at Save On Foods in Walden.  We were snapping back and forth about how wives are a pain in the ass and husbands are jerk faces (I think I might actually have used that term; growing up is overrated).  An old guy shopping for ice cream snickered at us.  We kept bickering.  He chimed in, agreeing with Brandon that wives are annoying and then laughed at us. Apparently we entertain people.  There’s something incredible about always having fun with your partner.

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget how much you care about someone when you see them everyday. How much they make your world a better place. Sometimes I take my husband for granted, but I’m working on that. Lately I’ve been trying to say at least some of the nice things that I think to myself, instead of leaving them trapped in my brain. I want him to know that my life is better with him in it. Not just because people find our banter amusing. Not just because he drives me to and from work every day. Not just because he sends me Edible Arrangements at work (although this really helps his cause). My life is better because he goes into protective mode when someone is being mean to me, he supports all of my crazy and constant work talk, he tells me I’m a great cook, he tells me I’m beautiful even on the days I feel ugly, and he gets up in the middle of the night to get me a drink when I’m too lazy to do it. That’s not all of course. And even though I have to nag him to change the cat litter or hang up his jacket, I know he would jump in front of a train to protect me. Not a speeding train of course, that would really hurt. But a train going 20-30km/hr for sure. And I know he would rescue me if I was drowning. As long as it wasn’t in the ocean. He doesn’t really like the ocean.

Not everyone can have a husband like mine. There would be way more wives that snap and go on rampages if there were more husbands like mine around. But at the end of the day, I love him and he treats me right. I try to remind myself regularly just how lucky I am.



One thought on “People find us entertaining. I don’t blame them.

  1. For those wondering there are two pet peeves for Tiana. My shameless self promotion (I don’t really do that though it’s in her head). The second is my lack of punctuation in my writing you can witness this for yourself in my blog

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